Frequently Asked Questions

What should an AIS Officer do to claim his pension

The Cadre Controlling Authority of the All India Service is required undertake the work of preparation of pension papers in form No. 7 of Pension Rules two years before the date on which a Government is due to retire on superannuation. Eight months prior to the retirement date, a Government servant is required to furnish certain information (e.g. joint photo with wife/husband, family details, name of the branch of the authorised bank through which he desires to draw his pension etc.) to his Cadre Controlling Authority in the prescribed form No. 5. After complying with the requirements of CCS Pension Rules 59 & 60, the Cadre Controlling Authority has to forward to the “Designated Authority (DA)” viz. Controller of Accounts AIS Pension Cell & ex-Officio Deputy Secretary P & AR Department form 5 and form 7 duly completed with a covering letter in form 8 alongwith service book of the Government servant duly completed up-to-date and any other documents relied upon for the verification of service, not later than six months before the date of Retirement of Government Servant

Who is to authorize the pension?

On receipt of pension papers from Cadre Controlling Authority, the DA concerned will, after applying requisite checks, assess the amount of pension and issue the pension payment order (both halves of Pension Payment Order, i.e. disburser's portion and pensioner’s portion) not later than one month in advance of the date of retirement of the Government servant with forwarding authority letter, duly ink-signed and embossed, to Central Pension Accounting Office which inturn will generate a Special Seal Authority on the basis of details given in the Pension Payment Order. the authority letter of the DA and both halves of PPO with Special Seal Authority shall be forwarded to the concerned link branch of the authorised Bank in the State/Union Territory, which after keeping the details in the index register will transmit the documents received from the C.P.A.O. to its paying branch opted for by the pensioner for making payment thereof.

What is required in case the pension has not been fixed correctly ?

The DA while issuing the pension authorization shall forward one copy of the pension calculation sheet (out of three received by him from the Cadre Controlling Authority) as certified by the Cadre Controlling Authority and countersigned by him (DA) to the pensioner alongwith the intimation of his having sent the pension payment authority/PPO to the CPAO. In case it is found from the pension calculation sheet that pension has been fixed incorrectly, the matter may be taken-up with the Cadre Controlling Authority, DA concerned who, if necessary, will issue an amendment authority letter to Central Pension Accounting Office for onward transmission to the paying branch (through its link branch) to carry out necessary amendments in both halves of PPO.

Whether retirement gratuity, death gratuity can be paid by DA/CPAO ?

No. The amount of retirement/death gratuity as determined by the DA shall be intimated to the Cadre Controlling Authority who will draw and disburse the amount to the retired Government servant or to the nominee/family as the case may be.

Is there any restriction on commutation of pension ?

Yes. No Government servant against whom departmental or judicial proceedings as referred to in Rule 9 of the Pension Rules, have been instituted before the date of his retirement or the pensioner against whom such proceedings are instituted after the date of retirement should be eligible to commute a fraction of his provisional pension authorised under Rule 69 of the Pension Rules or the pension, as the case may be, during the pendency of such proceedings