Officers dealing with AIS-Pension in P & AR Deptt.
Name: Hirak Mukherjee
Designation: Contrller of Accounts , AIS Pension & SR & E.O.Dy.Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal
Tele 033-2214-1282
Tele-Fax: 033-2214-1282
Name: Rajendra Nath Dutta
Designation: Officer-on-Special Duty , AIS Pension Cell
Tele 033-2254-5111
Tele-Fax: 033-2214-1282
Nodal Officer of the Pension Sanctioning Authority
For: IAS
Name: Bazlul Haque Mallick,WBSS
Designation: Deputy Secretary P & AR Deptt,Writers' Buildings
Mobile +91 8900596089
Tele Phone: 033-2214-1157
For: IFS
Name: Shri Prithwi Dulal Bandyopadhyay,IAS
Designation: Addition Secretary,Forest Deptt,Writers' Buildings
Mobile +91 9674343054
Tele Phone: 033-2214-1617
For: IPS
Name: Shri Niranjan Mitra
Designation: Deputy Secretary,Home(Police)Deptt,Police Service Cell,Writers' Buildings
Mobile +91 9433114436
Tele Phone: 033-2214-1901